Spiderman in Captain America: Civil War – What are the Chances?

Marvel fans are holding their breath that a miracle might bring Spiderman back to the Marvel Universe, or more specifically, Captain America: Civil War. But what are the chances of this happening?

It’s already been established that Spiderman plays a vital role in the Civil War that is set to play out in the next few years, starting with the third segment of Captain America. He acts as the mediator between the Captain and Iron Man, which begs the question, how is the Civil War going to play out without his presence? Up until now there has been a lot of speculation whether Sony is going to allow Marvel to use Spiderman and many were basing their hope on Sony’s need to get Spidey back on track.

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The Rumors

According to Latino Review Marvel’s plan was to get Spiderman back and build his reputation from scratch. It’s not clear how this would’ve worked, but the plan also involved a role in Captain America: Civil War. As it happened, Sony couldn’t settle on a deal and this basically crushed the hopes of Spiderman making an appearance. But then everything changed again thanks to leaked Sony emails between its Chair Person Amy Pascal and the directors Anthony and Joe Russo.

The Last Chance

The Russo brothers didn’t want to let go and decided to make an offer to Pascal. After their initial negotiations fell apart they came up with a rather generous suggestion of producing future Sony Spiderman movies through their production house entitled “Bullitt”. It seemed like a win-win situation. Spidey would take up his important role for this specific part of the Marvel Phase and Sony could experience a surge of interest in what used to be a high grossing character. Unfortunately they couldn’t convince Pascal to budge. Even though Pascal considered the offer, she left it hanging in the air and the Civil War movie has been given the green light to start filming.

Why did Pascal Turn down the Offer?

It’s not really clear why Pascal didn’t give in, but the most likely assumption is that she was scared of how the Russo brothers would handle Spiderman. Despite the fact that they proved their worth with the Captain America movies, one has to keep in mind that Spiderman is a lot different. Earlier films and directors had to endure some scrutiny due to the rather “unrealistic” special effects that were used, not to mention the scaling aspects that didn’t quite hit home. Could this be the reason why Pascal decided to keep Spiderman out of inexperienced hands?

What Now?

The best Spiderman fans can hope for now is a cameo role near the end credits. It’s a shame that Marvel has to find a way around this situation after sticking to the script for some time now, but as they get ready to finish off the Marvel Universe as a whole, new and exciting things are waiting to surface.

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