Spiderman Slots Game Goes Viral in Online Casino

Who wants to play Spiderman Slots?
The media is load from the success of the new Superman movie Man of Steel. It is a huge success at the box office so no surprise that other legendary superheroes are getting more and more attention online nowadays. Leaving DC comics behind and to look at something out of ordinary we checked out the Spiderman slots machine made by gaming giant Playtech. It is one hell of a superhero slot game featuring Spiderman in all its 5-line glory. Most of the hit comic characters appear on the slot reels so one thing assured: this game is sure to appeal to all hardcore fans of the Marvel comic hero.

Casino.com Man of Steel, Paypal, UK 728×90

As far as online casino slots go, it’s pleasing to see that Spiderman does not disappoint. It has a bunch of different bonus rounds, and also features unusual twists and turns.

What’s interesting in the Spiderman Slots Machine?

This version of the game is a 5 reels video slots that features quite a few of the famous movie characters from Spiderman, including Spidey himself. You can play maximum 25 lines per spin which can add up to crazy amounts of wagering up to £500 (nearly $700 for US players).

Because of such costly spins we will categorize the Spiderman Slot as a high limit slot machine however we that the game is free to play, so this is all fun money. If you would like to play to win cash, see our real money slots section.

If you have been searching around for Spiderman slot games online you will probably know that there are two version of the Spiderman slots game. One of them is made by gaming provider Playtech and the other by Cryptologic.

Both slots have a “Play for Real Money” option which you can access directly from the game. These will take you to Playtech and Cryptologic slots casinos where you can register and deposit money if you wish to play both spiderman slots for real money to win big jackpots.

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