Superman Vs Hulk – A Clash that can Ruin a City

The last thing you want to do is tick off angry Hulk fans. They love the green beast for a good reason, but in this case there’s an actual winner of this fight – and it’s Superman. Without playing favorites to either DC or Marvel, inside the comic book world Superman came to fight the Hulk no less than 3 times, and he won all of them. But how is this possible you may ask? AoG, JP Giant, Welcome multi 728×90


The Hulk and His Limitless Power

If you were to look at the powers of the Hulk, the first thing you should know is that his power is pretty much infinite. The moment he turns he can bench about 100 tons, but as he gets more enraged his powers keep expanding. In other words, the more you kick him, the stronger he gets. At full strength the green beast can jump into outer space, walk around on the sun and swim to the deepest part of the ocean, because his body allows it. It will mutate according the punishment he is taking. But if the Hulk really gets mad, he can gather enough kinetic energy to destroy the planet he is standing on.

Superman and His Limitless Power

Superman is without a doubt the most well rounded hero in both DC and Marvel worlds. According to his comic book profile, he has to set mental limiters in order to keep his power under control, otherwise everything and everyone around him will probably die. He breaks these limits as necessary, but it can’t happen in a few seconds. It’s a process he goes through until he eventually finds a level where he can overcome his opponent. Needless to say, if you were to unleash these two on each other nothing is going to be left.

Why Superman will Win most likely

As mentioned earlier, these two have come face to face 3 times in the DC/Marvel combined comics, and the man of steel took the Hulk down all 3 times. Despite the Hulk’s increasing rage and power, he simply doesn’t have the logic to defeat Superman. Even though Banner is a brilliant scientist, his intelligence gets turned inside out the moment he transforms. He’ll make impulsive decisions without thinking about the consequences, which is not something you want to do with an opponent like Superman. Secondly, the Hulk is only strong as long as he stays angry. All Superman really needs to do is wait out his emotion, and it’s pretty much game over. In every other aspect they can match each other, but the Hulk’s lack of brains will ultimately be his downfall.

Why the Hulk vs Superman Slot will be Fantastic

Despite our reservations that Superman will walk away victorious, it doesn’t mean the Hulk vs Superman slot game will be the same. Oh no, it’s all about how the reels are going to land. If you’ve got a winning combination with the Hulk combination, then sorry Superman. There will be destruction, there will be chaos, and more importantly, there will be a very cool showdown.

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