The Deadpool Red Band Trailer

Just as we promised, here is the Deadpool Red Band trailer and it’s exactly what we were hoping for.

Sensitive viewers divert your eyes and parents, don’t let your kids watch this one, because it’s completely true to the R-rated nature we expected. After enjoying the next three minutes, feel free to read our thoughts on this KICK-ASS Deadpool trailer. Man of Steel, Paypal, UK 728×90

Our Thoughts

Are you excited yet? Is your blood pressure rising to the extent that you just want to grab a pipe and smack somebody over the head with it? The first thing we thought before even pressing the play button was “Please let it be graphic, crude and hilarious!” The superhero gods listened to our prayers, because if this trailer is anything to go by then the movie is going to be filled to the brim with offensive statements. But let’s gather our senses and put on our thinking caps for a second.

It seems all the rumors were true and the film is going to follow an origin story. However, don’t expect some sob story about a guy with cancer, because Wade Wilson won’t go down without something funny to say. Facing a situation where only a miracle can save him, Wilson is approached with an offer to become a superhero. We don’t know his occupation leading up to this bad situation, but he’s a natural fighter, because his “savior” points this out and plans to make him a superhero. With nothing to lose, Wilson takes the deal. He also points out that he doesn’t want the super suit to be green, which is quite funny if you’ve seen the Green Lantern.

After his transformation we see Deadpool sitting on a highway, drawing pictures and enjoying some tunes. In all honestly, he looks like a happy little kid. This is followed by Deadpool dropping into a car and beating the crap out of the occupants. The action is convincing and flows amazingly well, given the space in which everything happens. The car overturns and Deadpool finds himself facing a barrage of guns. Needless to say, he approaches the situation in style. From there the trailer goes on to show a glimpse of Colossus (the animated suit he also didn’t want from the beginning), a few scenes from a strip club, Deadpool getting some hanky panky and finally a couple of brilliant action sequences. The trailer ends off with Deadpool inhaling the smoke from his guns and saying “Tonight I’m gonna touch myself.” It’s safe to say that the trailer wants to prove something, because the one line you hear from the blind old lady is the exact opposite of wholesome.

Can you just imagine how awesome this movie is going to be? If Reynolds had any doubts that it might turn into another Green Lantern scenario, he has nothing to fear. There is nothing complicated about Deadpool, because it’s all out fun. There are no sentimental moments here folks, only brutal entertainment that will keep your eyes glued to the screen from beginning to end. As a tribute to this refreshing trailer we will be focusing on some interesting Deadpool articles, so check in every now and then if you love this guy as much as we do.

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