The Incredible Hulk Slot

I am a huge fan of all of the Marvel Slots games and I would like to share a review of my new favourite – The Incredible Hulk Slot. The bonuses in this slot game come thick and fast and make it an exciting way to play the odds and pass the time. With the Incredible Hulk’s popularity at an all-time high after the summer’s huge blockbuster hit, The Avengers, I was excited to try out this game and after reading a couple of inadequate Hulk Slots Reviews, I thought I should make the effort and provide you with an in-depth personal review. Man of Steel, Paypal, UK 728×90

The Hulk Online Slot has a comfortable and familiar layout with outstanding graphics and animations with smooth and exciting gameplay. The sounds are rich, deep and dynamic and greatly help to build the excitement and tension.

Play The incredible Hulk Slots

From the first spin you are hoping to hit the Incredible Hulk wild symbol which, as well as serving as the ever useful wild card to build a winning line, also has the dual purpose of providing the Expanding Hulk feature. Get the wild card symbol in the centre reel and the whole column fills with the Hulk, giving three wild cards now and awarding you with two free spins. If you can get a wild card in the second, third and fourth column, as I did early on, the expanding Hulk covers all nine of the centre tiles, gives you one free respin and you cannot help but hit a massive pay-out with a full nine wild cards!

The scatter symbols which provide ten free spins at an amazing three times multiplier are in the form of the Incredible Hulk logo. Gather three of these symbols anywhere on the reels and the free bonus round is activated. If you are lucky enough to hit the expanding Hulk feature on this bonus round, those winnings are also tripled which can result in a massive boost to your bankroll.

My favourite bonus round, which I hit after around fifteen minutes play, is the Smash Bonus Round. Get a smash bonus icon on the first reel and the music becomes tense as you wait to see if you can hit it on the fifth reel too. If you’re successful the Smash Bonus round is initiated. The screen cuts to a city scene and the Hulk is confronted by seven police cars – smash three of them and get a cash bonus for each one. There is a random Hulk Rage feature here that can cause the Hulk to smash up all of the cop cars and award you all of the bonus amounts. The second part of this bonus round involves the appearance of three helicopters. Order the Hulk to smash one and this will award you a varying level of multiplier to apply to the whole bonus round which can result in some serious cash.

Finally, the ultimate bonus is the famous Marvel Multi-Level Mystery Progressive Jackpot which all of the games in the Marvel Slots series are linked to. This is a random bonus that can strike at any time. Enter the jackpot screen of a grid of twenty squares. Pick squares one at a time until you hit three identical ones and this defines your bonus. There is the Power, Extra Power, Super Power and Ultimate Power jackpot up for grabs – the Ultimate has been known to reach a million dollars.

On 18th May 2011 a female player from Munich won $187,000 on this online slot game after only five months of playing.

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