The Hulk vs Thor Slots

The Hulk Slot
Thor Slot
The Hulk Slot review marvelslots-thor



  • 5-Reel 25-line Slots
  • Paytable
  • Smash Bonus
  • Expanding Hulk
  • Free Games
  • Marvel Multi-Level Mystery Progressive Jackpot
  • 5-Reel 30-line slots
  • Paytable
  • Stacked Wilds
  • Re-Spins
  • Jotunheim and Earth Free Games
  • Marvel Multi-Level Mystery Progressive Jackpot
Play the Hulk Slot Play Thor Slot Man of Steel, Paypal, UK 728×90


Can the Incredible Hulk slot stand up to the almighty Thor? This is definitely a showdown you don’t want to miss, because this is where we weigh up pure power with godly given talents.

Gameplay and Design

When looking at the gameplay of both the Hulk and Thor slot, there is a good balance between the two. Both run smoothly and both are easy to figure out. But when it comes to the overall design, the Hulk takes a prominent lead thanks to the 3D graphics. Even though the Thor slot is nicely polished and the characters do come to life once in a while, the green beast blows him out of the water and will keep you entertained for much longer.

Bonus Features

What Thor lacks in design he makes up in bonus features. However, don’t expect interesting bonus games. Instead, there are loads of free games and re-spins. But to put this into perspective, let’s break them down. Starting with the Lightning free spin, which is triggered when a stacked wild completely covers the 4th reel. You only get one re-spin, but it will include between 2 and 5 wild symbols that are randomly scattered over the rest of the reels. The Thunderstorm re-spin is next and it is triggered when reel 2 is covered with wild symbols, which freeze in place for the single re-spin. It’s the Rainbow Bridge feature that you should be looking out for, because it will give you a choice between two orbs. After choosing one you’ll be directed to one of three places. These include the Earth Free Games, the Jotunheim Free Games or the main game, which represents Asgard.

With the Incredible Hulk slot there are three main features, namely Free games, the Expanding Hulk and of course, the Smash Bonus. The 10 free spins are triggered when you get 3 scattered symbols and everything you win during the free spins will be multiplied by 3. If you happen to land a wild symbol in the middle of the 3rd reel you’ll be delighted to see the Expanding Hulk feature come to life. This is where the Hulk takes over and dramatically increases your chances of scoring big. But the most anticipated feature is the Smash Bonus. It’s a bonus game where the Hulk has to destroy as many cop cars and helicopters as possible in order to get more cash.

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, the Hulk slot is more diverse, it looks better and the RTP percentage is higher. We still love Thor in all his glory and there is no doubt that some players will prefer the godly route when choosing between these slot games, but the Hulk ultimately comes out on top.

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