The New Spider-Man Contenders – Battle of the Actors

It’s hard to decide what is more nerve wrecking; what the new Spider-Man movie is going to be like or which actor will take the leading role?

There is never an easy approach to making a superhero movie, especially a superhero such as Spider-Man. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield both did a good job in their respective roles, but everyone knows that there is a constant need to exceed expectations. Between Marvel and Sony the decision regarding the new name that will be associated with Spidey is very important, seeing as they want to build a franchise around this fresh new face. In other words, they are going to have to choose an actor that can appear in at least 3 solo movies in addition to making appearances on the Avenger films. As it stands there are two prominent actors who seem to have everything the studios require, but it won’t hurt to shop around some more. Discussions regarding Garfield coming back ended with the choice to let him go, so the battle of the actors is officially underway. AoG, JP Giant, Welcome multi 728×90

Dylan O’Brien

Let’s start with Dylan O’Brien. He is better known for his role in The Maze Runner and more notably, the best friend of MTV’s beloved Teen Wolf. He is 23 years old and by looking at his rather spunky personality, he is definitely a good choice in terms of playing Peter Parker. As a side-note, we are assuming that Parker will be used again, but this is subject to change. Given the ethnicity of the popular candidates it only makes sense. To get back to O’Brien, he is a solid choice. He’s got the look and he’ll be able to pull off a high-school student persona, at least for another year or two. In fact, O’Brien can be considered as one of the easy choices, because it doesn’t take much to visualize him wearing the Spidey suit.

Logan Lerman

The second name that is being mentioned a lot is that of Logan Lerman, who became popular for his leading role as Percy Jackson. He is also 23, but in terms of experience he heavily outweighs O’Brien. He has appeared alongside some big Hollywood names such as Mel Gibson (The Patriot) and Drew Barrymore (Riding in Cars with Boys). He also has a string of projects that stretch back to his earlier childhood. O’Brien and Lerman are two very different actors and it’s safe to say each will bring something unique to the movie.

How will the Choice Affect the Movie

Just to be clear, these actors haven’t been approached yet, but sources tell us that they are on top of the list for Marvel and Sony. Needless to say, both O’Brian and Lerman will jump at the chance to play the part, because it will only boost their careers. If they decide to go with O’Brien then viewers can expect to see a rather cocky Peter Parker. There will be a lot of natural humor and it should make for a very entertaining movie. O’Brian is still finding himself in the world of acting, which is why it will be interesting to see how he handles it.

Lerman on the other hand will bring much more depth to the film. He has already established himself as a big film actor and he has dabbled with various different roles, unlike O’Brian. There will obviously be some humor involved, but the focus point for Marvel and Sony is the emotional challenges Parker has to face. This isn’t to say that O’Brian won’t be able to cut it, but we’ve already seen what Lerman can do and he does it quite well.

Thoughts from Our Side

There is no second guessing these two contenders. Either way the movie can be great, but are these choices too predictable? Marvel and Sony are steering clear of another “origin” reboot, so why don’t they go all out and get an actor nobody really suspects? Even before casting speculation began these two names were mentioned, but what about throwing in names like Dakota Goyo and Tom Holland? For starters they are much closer to the actual teenage Spider-Man and they have shown their capabilities as actors. In our opinion they make some great Spider-Man contenders.

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  1. 1

    If Dylan O’Brien gets it, then they should rename Peter Parker….Peter “Mole” Parker. Hasn’t this guy ever thought of getting those hideous moles off his face? You can play connect-the-dots with the amount of moles he has. I can’t picture our new Peter Parker/Spiderman full of moles. All I’ll be doing the whole time I’m watching it is being distracted by how many hideous moles this dorky-looking guy has.

    As for Logan Lerman, wtf? Is he a guy or is he really a girl? I mean, what’s with the long eyelashes and dewy complexion? The guy seriously can pass as a girl. I bet he even has a vagina down there instead of a dick. No way can I picture this girly-boy as Spiderman. Enemies would enjoy beating the shit out of him because he looks like such a pussy.

    You want a good high-schoolish Spiderman? Then go with talented lesser-known young actors like Asa Butterfiled or Freddie Highmore.

  2. 2

    Some good points Jordan, honest and brutally graphic. I’m all for going a different route in terms of the actor, because I still don’t understand how they can cast a 23 year old in a teenage role. But we trust that Marvel will make the right decision (if the rumors and sources are accurate) and bring us a Spider-Man movie that rocks.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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