The Solo Gambit Movie: What’s in Store

The rumors and discussions have been brewing for some time now, but the solo Gambit movie is finally going to be made.

This is going to be one of the most interesting movies to watch out for, because it comes with a relatively high level of skepticism. But before we get into why it could tank, let’s look at what the solo Gambit movie is going to entail so far. Man of Steel, Paypal, UK 728×90

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum has been very eager to get the Gambit movie into production with him in the leading role and his attempts have finally paid off. One of the problems the production company was facing was finding a director that didn’t just want to make the movie, but the skills to make it great. This hurdle has been overcome and the man behind the camera is going to be Rupert Wyatt. He was responsible for Rise of the Planet of the Apes and even though it’s probably one of the worst movie titles ever, it’s not something you can measure his talent with.

As for Tatum, he’s been working very hard at mastering the characteristics associated with the popular X-Men mutant. According to an interview with Tatum, he’s been getting speech classes in order to mimic the distinctive voice of Gambit. As you probably know, Gambit’s accent is one of the reasons why people gave him a little more attention. Tatum has also been getting classes from a magician to learn some sleight of hand and the ever important card throwing skill. What would Gambit be without his cards? These two aspects are heavy focus points and rightfully so. If Tatum fails to master either one of them then fans are going to be disappointed. It’s almost like watching Valkyrie with Tom Cruise’s American accent. The latter definitely ruined the authenticity and it’s interesting to note how a simple accent can change the tide of a movie.

The Skeptical Side

Yes, we know that Tatum has a pretty face and his action movies aren’t too bad, but can he rise to the occasion? For the most part he has taken roles where his characters are all pretty much the same and if there is one thing he hasn’t really shown it’s true depth. We are not saying that Tatum is a bad actor or that the movie isn’t going to be successful, but we can’t help the doubt that’s creeping in. Gambit is a very unique character with his own set of issues, so if Tatum and Rupert is simply going to approach it as just another action movie then it’s probably not going to be very good. At this point it can go either way, although we are really hoping the team is going to surprise us.

They are going to start filming this fall in New Orleans and the release date has been set for October 2016. Apparently Tatum hasn’t mastered the accent yet, so he’ll have to get to work if he is going to climb into the hearts of Gambit fans.

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