The Theoretical Pay-Out Percentages (RTP) of Marvel Slots

Going after progressive jackpots

For casino website owners the name Playtech should sound familiar. This is because they are one of the most successful and sought after developers. However, their work on Marvel themed progressive jackpot slots can be considered the top of their line. As with all progressive slots the chances of striking the jackpot isn’t as high as with standard slots, seeing as their theoretical payout percentages are lower. On the other hand, the rewards are potentially bigger. But the good news is that a more tactical approach towards these types of slot games could help increase the chances of winning. Man of Steel, Paypal, UK 728×90

The common logic of a less experienced player, or an amateur, will most likely be to avoid progressive slots. Thanks to the “Return to Player” percentage being less than 100 and the “Random Number Generator” being…..well…..random, the odds are that you will lose in the long run. But why do professional slot players insist on playing progressive slot games? In simple terms, they have a way of increasing their odds.

One of the most popular ways of getting lady luck to lean your way is to “predict” the time when a progressive jackpot is going to hit. When you manage to find the amount on which it usually strikes, it’s time to start spinning. A word of advice before you start making notes, keep your target jackpot low. The higher the jackpot amount the higher the variant is going to be. So by sticking to the 2 lowest jackpots you have a more realistic chance of winning. Once the pay-points are reached or exceeded start playing. They are bound to pay out in a short amount of time, which means you won’t have to spend nearly as much as you would’ve without paying attention.

You will notice that an info screen lets you know that increasing your stakes will increase your chances of winning. Some websites might even announce the winner through a pop-up and don’t be surprised if the same person’s name appear more than once within a single session. If this happens the players is probably very skilled, but this shouldn’t affect the way you approach your game. Many Marvel jackpots pay out at lower stakes on a regular basis, so practice control and stick to your budget.

Every Marvel Slot is Unique

That’s right, every slot game has a different RTP (Return to Player) variant, which means you have to separate the good ones from the bad ones. The first part of advice regarding bad games is to avoid those on mobile devices. There have been very few reports of jackpots getting hit on the mobile games. In addition, stay away from slots with a 50 line variant. They have a bad reputation in terms of pay-outs and following the list provided underneath the article should be helpful.

The Marvel Mystery Jackpot as by Playtech

There is no telling which spin is going to trigger the jackpot game or which linked game is going to set it off. There is also no symbol combination that will have an effect on the trigger. Regardless if the spin in the main game produces a win or a loss, the jackpot can be triggered at any moment. However, when the betting amount is increased, the chances of the jackpot game being triggered also go up. Once you play the jackpot game you are guaranteed to win one of four jackpot amounts and even though the jackpot that has been awarded to you will be visible, it’s not a determining factor.

The four Marvel jackpots consist of:

  • Power Jackpot
  • Extra Power Jackpot
  • Super Power Jackpot
  • Ultimate Power Jackpot

The game that will determine your winnings shows 20 “face down” squares. After a square has been clicked it flips over and displays a symbol that corresponds to one of the above mentioned jackpots. Your goal is to find three of the same symbols. When you have a combination the corresponding symbol is the jackpot you have won.

A timeout timer is directly connected with the Mystery Marvel Jackpot game and if you don’t choose a square within a certain amount of time your prize will be awarded automatically.

The Jackpot for this game works like this:

Seed (how much money the Jackpots start out with): Power: €50
Extra Power: €500
Super Power: €5,000
Ultimate Power: €100,000
Contribution rate (what percentage of each bet goes into Jackpot): 0.99%
Win condition (the result you have to get to win the Jackpot): Entering the jackpot game guarantees a win. Match 3 jackpot symbols of the corresponding Jackpot or wait for the timer to run out.
Win requirements (what you need to do to be eligible for the Jackpot): Play a Marvel game.


Please note:

  • The seed and Jackpot values are in Euros in the progressive network and their value in your local currency is dependent on the currency exchange rate.
  • The mechanics of Marvel Mystery Jackpot prohibit simultaneous jackpot winnings.
  • Imperfections in the Internet connectivity may cause you to experience delays in Jackpot messages or updates, but they do not affect actual Jackpot wins.

The theoretical pay-out percentages (RTP) of all the Marvel jackpot slots (from high to low)

Iron Man 2 = 95.98%

Spider-Man: Attack of the Green Goblin = 95.18%

Blade = 95.05%

X-Men = 95.03%

Ghost Rider = 95.03%

The Avengers = 95.02%

Daredevil = 94.94%

Elektra = 94.94%

Iron Man = 94.89%

Fantastic Four = 94.88%

The Incredible Hulk = 94.82%

Captain America – The First Avenger = 94.31%

Iron Man 3 = 93.02%

Iron Man 2 (50 Lines) = 92.31%

X-Men (50 Lines) = 92.01%

Fantastic Four (50 Lines) = 91.99%

Blade (50 Lines) = 91.98%

Thor The Mighty Avenger = 91.92%

Wolverine = 91.86%

The Incredible Hulk (50 Lines) = 91.00%

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