Tony Stark creates Ultron?!

Loki was the enemy of The Avengers, the motivating force between Earth’s Mightiest forming together as a superhero team that saved New York from an alien invasion. The end of the movie we discovered that Thanos, a greater adversary was behind all, is anticipated to get extra screen time going ahead, he’s not the antagonist of The Avengers sequel. Instead, an evil robotic villain named Ultron who’s aim is to exterminate the heroes in what we discovered at Comic-Con to be titled The Avengers: Age of Ultron. AoG, JP Giant, Welcome multi 728×90

As for Thanos, he’s appearing in the extended Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kicking off that part, and oddly sufficient, is Ant-Man, a movie that can embrace the character of Hank Pym who created Ultron in Marvel Comics. The details of Ultrons purpose into Age of Ultron if its creator isn’t launched till later?

Antman in Avengers 2Outside of the obvious, Hank Pym may very well be brought to life in The Avengers 2, turning into Ant-Man. Whedon goes on to say that “it’s not Pym who creates Ultron” Which he mentioned at Comic-Con, this by far is the greatest hint.


Here’s the whole quote:

While elements of Marvel Comics stories over the years relating to Ultron could also be used, his origin will be entirely different since his original creator, Hank Pym, won’t be within the movie. From the teaser introducing Ulton as the villain of The Avengers sequel, it’s clear that Ultron is formed from Iron Man armor so it’s our belief that Tony Stark – and perhaps something to do with his AI assistant Jarvis going rogue – will be used to create the new antagonist. But that’s simply speculation on our half.

It was also brought to light that Stark was also concerned about the creation of Ultron.

In “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” Loki is gone and the new villain would be the evil Ultron, who has the power to upgrade his personal power, making him extremely fearsome. Tony Stark/Iron Man becomes the unwitting creator of Ultron. The brother-and-sister team of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch become the seventh and eighth members of The Avengers. Quicksilver has extreme pace, while Scarlet Witch can cast spells and has telekinesis ability. Black Widow and Hawkeye will be key figures within the movie.

The fact that Stark created the AI super villain Utron would seem to suggest that he will be returning as Iron Man, even after the events that unfolded in Iron Man 3. So Iron Man fans will get to see another appearance, rumours are also around that he will be fashioning a gold suit, looking somewhat retro!

Iron Man


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