Top 5 Highest RTP Netent Slots: The Best Return for Your Money

When looking for the best casino game platform, the name NetEnt should jump to mind instantly. Over the last few years they have produced amazing online slot games. The graphics, the sounds and the pure practicality are only some of their winning elements. With an extensive catalogue just waiting to be explored, NetEnt has made things much easier. How exactly can they do that? By informing players about the RTP percentage. Man of Steel, Paypal, UK 728×90

It’s not something you see every day. Casinos prefer to keep their edge, even if they already have the odds in their favor. But with NetEnt you’re in the loop in terms of knowing your chances for striking gold. In light of keeping online slot players informed, here is a list of the top 5 highest RTP NetEnt slots.

#5. Steam Tower Slot

RTP: 97%

The Steam Tower slot is considered an “adventure” slot, because there’s a good story behind it. You take on the role of a hero with a mechanical arm. With this arm you can climb the levels of the tower, and hopefully save the pretty lady at the top.


The first thing you’ll notice other than the cool graphics, is how the slot is packed with bonus features. However, the bonus round is the major player, because this is where the steep climb to the top begins. You’ll be rewarded with 10 free spins as NetEnt shows you why great graphics is synonymous with their games. If you’re able to reach the top, another surprise awaits. It comes in the form of a x7 multiplier in addition to a nice bonus. The maximum amount you can stand to win is 2000 coins, which is nothing to laugh at.

But the main reason why Steam Tower is mentioned here, is because of the 97% percentage. This is a number that pushes the limit for any casino, because it’s so high. In other words, you’re not just going to enjoy the brilliant animations.

#4. Jack Hammer 2 Slot

RTP: 97.1%

This one is a little more retro and follows the very popular Jack Hammer original slot game. We see the graphics take a turn towards something more nostalgic and close to home for some players. If you don’t know already, the game evolves around Jack Hammer and a seemingly permanent busted nose. He has to keep the old-fashioned world safe while bringing you piles of money.


Some of the features in the Jack Hammer 2 slot includes the sticky win round, some nice free spins and a x2 multiplier. Plus, there are a lot of wilds going around, especially with a 97.1% RTP percentage. It’s the basic and retro approach to the graphics, balanced with a regular win that makes the slot so great.

#3. Secrets of Atlantis Slot

RTP: 97.1%

Whether you like the whole mermaid fantasy or not, the Secrets of Atlantis slot will have you smiling. Everything takes place underneath the surface of the ocean. And you get to see some pretty mermaids while you’re down there. As it stands this slot gets played almost as much as Jack Hammer, maybe it’s because of the 97.1% RTP percentage?


There are several features you can look out for, but there are two main highlights. The first is the nudge wild, which will push the symbols around for a better chance of winning. Then there’s the Colossal Symbol Respin feature.

#2. Bob: The Viking Quest for the Sword of Tullemut Slot

RTP: 98%

Get in touch with your inner viking when you play Bob: The Viking quest for the Sword of Tullemut. It takes you on an epic adventure where the RTP percentage sits at an incredible 98%. If this isn’t the best return for your money, what is?



But it gets even better, because the slot features an incredibly fun bonus game. This is where you have to choose from a collection of hidden swords, which will reward you with a stiff cash prize. Bob is also giving away free spins and a whopping 7500 coins jackpot, so the longer you wait the longer it’s going to take to get rich.

#1. Bloodsuckers Slot


No, this is not a Twilight revival. Instead, it’s the very popular vampire themed slot that equals the RTP of Bob the Viking at 98%. So, you’ll be sucking the blood on this one. If you love the classic Dracula movies then you’ll definitely enjoy the Bloodsuckers online slot.


Play BloodSuckers Slot

The theme might be based on something very old, but the features are all new. First off, you can get 10 free spins, and during these free spins everything you win is tripled. How’s that for raising the stakes? Want more? How about the opportunity to re-trigger more free spins? There’s even a bloody hammer bonus round that could add to your winnings.

If nothing else, NetEnt is setting the trend for what high quality and favorable RTP percentages should be, as can be seen by these top 5 highest RTP slots.

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