Vegas Slots – Who is Going to Take the Lion’s Share?

The slot machines of Las Vegas have undergone somewhat of a revolution in recent times. The emergence of the digital age has caused the decline of traditional slot machines with functioning levers and reels. However, this is still one such machine that stubbornly remains in the MGM Grand casino. AoG, JP Giant, Welcome multi 728×90

Staff at the MGM Grand want to remove the machine as it is outdated when compared to their fleet of modern video slots, however Nevada legislation deems it illegal to remove a machine until it has paid out its jackpot. What is intriguing about the Lion’s Share slot machine, is that it has not paid out a jackpot in nearly 20 years, causing it’s jackpot to swell to a staggering $2.3 million.

Many gamblers believe the machine has to pay out very soon, causing the machine’s popularity to soar. The machine even has its own dedicated Facebook page which monitors payouts and keeps eager gamblers up to date.

The sensational jackpot for what is a relatively low-stakes machine (it only costs $1 to play) has led many to suggest that it is rigged. This would be plausible, as such an act would create hype around the machine and thus draw in a larger crowd before the machine is eventually disbanded.

It is uncertain why the machine has not paid out in such a long time, but this will be of no concern to the eventual jackpot winner, who will be made rich within an instant. A lot of the allure of the machine is the fact that someone could potentially bag the jackpot from just staking a single dollar, which embodies the romantic vision surrounding Vegas.

The excitement surrounding the machine has definitely hit a feverous level, with it now being one of the most popular machines in the MGM Grand. Perhaps then this the game’s last hurrah before it finally pays out the extravagant jackpot which has taken over two decades to accumulate. The growing jackpots follow a similar trend online too at sites like Vegas Jacks. Online wins seem to constantly be setting new records for largest payouts.

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