Will the Hulk be in the Captain America Movie?

Okay, so we had to make peace with not seeing a Hulk movie in the near future, but don’t tell us he won’t be in Captain America: Civil War.

The last time we saw the Hulk he was on a plane heading to an unknown location, leaving his kindled romance with Black Widow hanging in the air. At his point nobody has a clue where he might be and when he’ll be making an appearance. But let’s start by making something very clear. At Slotsmarvel we will never deprive you of getting your Hulk fix. There might not be a solo movie in the pipeline, yet, but we’ve got a Hulk slot game that will see you smashing big cash prizes, some police cars and even helicopters. In fact, we love the Hulk so much we urge you to play it for free. That’s right, just smash those cars for the hell of it. But to get back to the big question, will the Hulk be showing up in Captain America: Civil War?

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It Started with Robert Downey Jnr.

To spare everyone unnecessary confusion, the first talks of Mark Ruffalo joining the Captain America crew came from RBJ. Even Ruffalo admitted that nobody from Marvel mentioned anything about this occurrence. Even though he has been contracted to make several appearances, presumably in Infinity Wars, he never received the invite for the third Steve Rogers film. Whether RBJ was just taking Ruffalo for a ride or he knew something the rest of us didn’t still has to pan out. According to an interview with Kevin Feige (Marvel CEO), he has no idea where Hulk is at the moment or where he is going to end up after the big two part movie coming in 2018/19.

The official roster for the film doesn’t include Ruffalo’s name, and yet he has been seen with the crew while they were filming in Germany. More specifically, he has been seen on the Berlin set with Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie as well as off the set. Unfortunately we don’t have any photos to prove that he is part of the movie, but it’s a little hard to swallow that his presence is simply supportive in nature. The only logical conclusion we can draw from this is that he’ll have a cameo role and there is no telling whether he’ll even turn into the Hulk. If Marvel is trying to keep his participation a secret then they are doing a very good job.

Future Plans

As a last thought, there are some rumors making rounds that the Hulk will be sent into space. This is a story line that comes from the comic books and the decision to send the green beast away is made by a close-nit group of heroes. A few superhero junkies have a theory that this will be his fate, because he becomes too difficult to control over time. The responsible party include guys like Iron Man and Dr. Strange. Let’s hope this isn’t the case.

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