It’s for you X-Men fan girls! DIY Mystique Make-up at home

No it’s not an Avatar makeup tutorial:) Also blue but this time it’s all about Mystique. Man of Steel, Paypal, UK 728×90

Today we found gorgeous and talented Youtube user “dope2111” who likes to transform into famous Celebrities and Characters (Marvel characters too) so we decided to feature one of her best videos in which she creates a stunning make-up tutorial to replicate the look of  Mystique from X-men First Class.

Did you know that the original Mystique costume was worn by Rebecca Romijn?

  • her make-up as Mystique consisted of 110 custom-designed prostheses
  • it covered 60% of her body
  • the Mystique outfit took 9 hours to apply
  • She could not drink wine, use skin creams, or fly the day before filming, because it could have caused her body chemistry to change slightly, causing the prosthetics to fall off.

The last actress who played Mystique was Jennifer Lawrence – let’s hope she had a better time with this amazing x-(wo)men costume.

jennifer lawrence mystique costume

Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique


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