X-Men Slots

Time for another review of one of the marvel online slots, this time the fantastic X Men slot review. Similar in play to the others in the famous marvel series this game has a few extra features that you could do with knowing before you start to play, if only to increase the fun of your game play experience.

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First off, the graphics are spectacular as you would expect from this series with great animation and an excellent soundtrack that helps to keep the action going. The game play itself is the standard 5 reel 25 payline slot with a number of exciting bonus features ready to be hit as soon as you spin the reels.

The first bonus feature I hit early on was the X feature – this comes from a combination of any five heroes on the centre three reels in an x shape. Whilst playing the X Men slot I hit this bonus about four or five times in a single thirty minute session, making it very profitable as it pays a huge five times your total bet each time you hit it.

The second feature I hit, again fairly soon into the playing session, was the Heroes vs Villains free spin bonus. This provides you with free spins, two full sets of free games in fact. Hit three or more X Men logo symbols to activate this bonus. You start the first free spin round with an unlimited number of free spins that comes to an end only when you hit the Magneto symbol, enabling you to build up quite a pot if you are lucky. After hitting Magneto, the game switches to the Villains free spin round in which you get eight free spins with the added bonus that if you hit Xavier in this game, the whole bonus game restarts, keeping all of your winnings to date by giving you another chance at the Heroes unlimited spin game.

As in all Marvel slots, there is a wild card in X Men slots, which counts as any symbol to help you complete win lines. As a fabulous bonus, if you manage to hit five wild cards on one spin you get an unprecedented 10,000 times your total bet. That would be a good day for anyone!

Finally, as in all the slots in this great series, there is the Marvel Multi-Level Mystery Progressive Jackpot. This bonus game can appear at any time and gives you the chance to play for one of four progressive jackpots, the best being the Ultimate Power Jackpot which begins at $100,000 and has previously gone over a million dollars. Of all the Marvel slots, the X Men Slots is one of my favorites and I hope my X Men slots review has encouraged you to give it a try. It could be your lucky day.

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